Garden Igloo | Weatherproof garden dome enclosure review

Are you Googling ‘Garden Igloo UK’?, if it’s a yes then I can help you buy a garden igloo that suits you best.

Garden Igloos have not quite taken the UK by storm yet.  Garden Igloo UK

However, these dome enclosures are fast becoming more and more popular with people looking to enjoy the outside and won’t let the weather prevent them from doing so.

As yet there’s not a lot to choose from but the one below certainly looks like it’s good quality and more importantly able to do the job you’re buying it for.

Check out my review below before you buy

VDG-SCH Garden Igloo 3.6m x 2.2m

The Garden Igloo that is available from VDG-SCH offers outdoor relaxation and entertaining with a touch of elegance.Garden igloo with lighting

This outdoor geodesic designed Igloo won’t let the weather determine whether you’re going to hold your event or not.

You decide when you want to invite friends round knowing that your party will go ahead.

Here’s more about it.


Garden Igloo UK

Elegant Garden Igloo ideal for garden use

This 360 dome is ideal for gardens of the larger variety.

Measuring 3.6m in diameter it offers plenty of room for you and your guests, whilst also providing the option of adding furniture, such as a comfy chair or maybe a hot tub.

The options of eating outdoors under a sheltered area have always been pretty much 1 of 3 options.

You could have a permanent wooden gazebo that’s fixed on your garden, you can buy awning for your patio or alternatively a pop up gazebo.

With this Garden Igloo I find that it’s the best aspects of all the 3 above mixed together.

Gives you the best of all worlds

For example:

Wooden Gazebos – They offer the security of knowing that you’re structure is strong and won’t blow away.  Whilst unfortunately you cannot transport it to another place.

Patio Awning – Quite often your patio awning is attached to your house enabling your patio area to be shaded and resistant to light showers.

Pop up Gazebo – Varying strengths of Pop up gazebos but what they fundamentally offer is a temporary, waterproof canopy that can be transported to various locations.

However, the Garden igloo offers;

Garden Igloo – A strong, solid, hardy and weather resistant canopy that can be fully enclosed to protect you from harsh weather whilst also being able to let you enjoy the nicer weather when it arrives.

It can protect you from heavy and light showers equally effectively, whilst also shielding you from breezy conditions.  Although it’s not designed to be transported from place to place, it actually can be although you will need a hand erecting and dismantling it.


Dimensions of the Igloo enclosure

Garden Igloo In The Box

Diameter: 3.6m

Height: 2.2m

Door: 1.8m high x 0.7m wide

It really is very spacious inside.

Although, it’s well worth double checking the size of your furniture before you buy this enclosure to ensure there’s enough room to put them in.


Ideal Uses

This product doesn’t come with a base so therefore, you’ll have to ensure that you have a specifically designated spot for it to go.  Check out its uses below.

  • Outdoor Dining
  • Parties with friends
  • Hot tub/spa enclosure
  • Relaxing reading
  • Ideal for ‘Me time’

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9.5 Total Score

Stand out from the crowd with this elegant Igloo/Dome enclosure.

  • Smart looking
  • Great alternative to a gazebo
  • Easy to build & dismantle
  • Elegant
  • Ideal for parties & relaxing
  • Not cheap
  • Needs large area
  • No base provided
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