Choosing a Microwave Oven

Choosing a microwave oven is relatively straightforward.

red microwave

There are factors to consider, however the majority of consumers when purchasing a microwave tend to prioritise the aesthetic aspects of a microwave.

This is not wrong, but I believe that functionality, price, power consumption and then the aesthetic aspect should be the order of priority.


Normally, if you’re looking for a cheap microwave then there’s a good chance that you will only receive the basics such as;

  1. A working microwave
  2. May seem rather ‘plasticky’
  3. Shorter longevity

If that’s what you want and are happy with that then that’s not a problem.  If you’re looking to spend up to $100 then check out this site where it details the best microwave oven under $100

Power Consumption

Generally, a compact microwave oven will use 400 to 800 watts when heating.  Whilst the regular, larger microwave oven will tend to use 850 to 1800 watts.

Check out the difference in power consumption and how it affects the price below.

Here you will see a compact 400-watt microwave oven and its usage and costings.

The above table shows the total usage of 1 hour per day.  I have inputted the price per kw at .10 cents but find out what yours is and enter accordingly.

As you can see the usage and costs soon build up.  Whilst $14.60 may seem quite a lot to pay out just for the use of a microwave, however, in comparison with gas cookers or electric ovens it’s far cheaper.

  • Using an Electric Oven:  1 hour per day = $150 upwards per year
  • Using a Gas Cooker: 1 hour per day = $112 per year

In comparison, the $14.60 cost of running a microwave over a year is far less than that of the two previously mentioned options.  Let’s be honest though, I’d find it virtually impossible to use a microwave for an hour a day.


Some people look for matching colours to compliment their kitchens existing colours whilst others like that modern, crazy or trendy look.

Around $90


Take a look at this solo curve microwave.  On first inspection, I actually thought it was a small tv.

On second glance I then realised there was no remote control so that quickly eliminated that thought.

Seriously though, this is quite a good seller on Amazon and if this is the way microwaves are going then I’m quite happy to settle for the regular, cheaper versions.



My more realistic purchase is something similar to the one below.  Much more sensible price range and actually means that you can spend the difference on something else that you may need.

Daewoo Model


  • 20 L capacity
  • 700 W microwave output
  • Comes with five power levels
  • 35 minute timer
  • Dual wave system

That’ll do for me.  As I mentioned before there’s a link at the top that provides great reviews for more affordable microwaves.

Take a look, you won’t be disappointed.