4 Pizza Ovens Every Home Shouldn’t Be Without

Most people love pizzas, that’s a fact…. But there’s a problem!

I’m sure you would agree that when you cook pizzas at home they NEVER seem to taste quite as good as the ones you get from a pizzeria. This is why you need to buy a Pizza Oven.

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There are several different types ranging from the portable electric pizza oven, wood fired oven and ones that are suitable for use on top of BBQ’s, both gas and charcoal.

Check out my informative reviews below and find out what the best pizza ovens of 2017 are for the particular types mentioned just above.

G3 Ferrari  Pizza Oven – Red

G3 Ferrari G10006 Delizia Pizza Oven - 1200W in Red

This electric pizza oven is a really handy piece of equipment to have in your cooking toolkit.

I confess to actually owning this piece of equipment and it’s possibly the best buy that I’ve made on Amazon (and I’ve made a few).

Not only does it look great and would be a great addition to your kitchen, it is also very simple to use.

Available in red or black.


What’s in the Box?

delivered product

Delivered to your door will be:

  • Pizza oven with timer
  • Refractory stone hot-plate (Diameter 31cm)
  • Thermostat with 3 cooking settings and indicator light
  • Dimensions: 31.5cm x 37.5cm x 25cm (high)
  • Temperature range from 190 to 390 degree Celsius

To get it real quick from Amazon, take a look just under the price on the listing and it should tell you when you should receive it if you order now.

Special Features

Temperature capabilities

This oven is the only household oven that can reach the temperature of 390 degrees celsius.  This is the required temperature that pizzas should be cooked at to reach perfection.

Home-made or Frozen

Due to the G3 Ferrari Pizza makers ability to maintain a high temperature, it can not only cook home-made pizzas but also shop bought frozen pizzas equally as good.

Multi functional


Another great feature of this oven is its multi-functionality.

You’re obviously buying this cooker to cook great tasting pizzas but it can also be used to heat or cook other items.

Another great feature is the 3 different temperature control settings, this means it can cook chicken, bake bread and many other items, including the tart in the picture.

When experimenting different items please check that the food is thoroughly cooked before eating, especially till you get the hang of things.

How to use?

It’s so simple to use and instructions are provided, here are the basics of how to cook a pizza with the G3 Ferrari Pizza Oven

  1. Set Pizza Oven to setting 2
  2. Switch on & let it heat up
  3. Wait for the light on top to switch off
  4. Once light turns off open lid and wait for light to come back on
  5. Place your pizza into the centre of the stone plate using the paddles provided
  6. Your pizza should be ready in 5 minutes but after 3 minutes open the door and turn your pizza round

When selecting pizza dough, for best results you can buy fresh dough for tastier pizzas.

Dough recipe

pizza dough

If you want to go all out and make 100% home-made pizzas you can make the dough from scratch, here’s a great recipe below.

All the following ingredients can be bought from Amazon too.

How to make the dough:

  1. 10 g instant yeast
  2. 450 g 00 flour
  3. 10g salt
  4. 25 ml olive oil
  5. 300 ml water

This will make 5 thin bases.  Store the dough in the fridge for a couple of days for best results.


Q.  Can this pizza oven cook thick crust pizzas?

A.  Yes, if your pizzas are a little bit thicker it is recommended that you lower the settings slightly and increase cooking time too.  Your ability to get the timings correct will improve with experience.