All Seasons Gazebo 6x3m


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All Seasons Gazebo 6x3m

All Seasons Gazebo 6x3m

The All Seasons Gazebo 6x3m is strong and sturdy which means that your event will go ahead as planned, even in harsh weather conditions

This elegant 6x3m gazebo comes in a very smart white colour and the material has a very nice feel to the touch on both the inside and outside.

There are lots of great features about this product further down which I’ll go into in further detail.

Basically, if you’re hosting a large event for a lot of people and want to keep them dry and in an enclosed area, then buy this gazebo.

Read more below……

What’s inside the box?

When you order this product you will receive a complete gazebo with all the parts required to build it and host your event inside.

When you buy this is what you'll get delivered to your door

Here’s what you’ll get

Items Included

  • Strong & Fully waterproof canopy
  • Concertina, reinforced steel Pop up frame
  • 4 Heavy-duty sidewalls & windows
  • 13 Tent pegs
  • Heavy-duty carry bag with wheels
  • 6 Upgraded weight bags for sturdiness

Please note:

A Popup gazebo is designed to be a temporary structure and is not designed to be left up overnight.

The recommendation above comes from all manufacturers of gazebos and therefore,  doesn’t indicate any specific weakness with this gazebo.

However, I do know of people that have left gazebos up overnight with varying results.  Ultimately, it’s your choice.

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Do’s & Don’ts

Great For....:
  • Wedding Receptions & Christenings
  • Discos
  • Fundraising events
  • Changing rooms / Sporting events
  • BBQ’s
  • Hot tub cover plus extra space for food, etc

  •  Don’t leave up overnight
  • Don’t leave parts in the bag, always use all securing parts provided

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My Score

My score is below but you can read more further down where i break down the features and try and describe and explain them further.

9.5 Total Score

If you're in need of a strong, waterproof, windproof and huge gazebo then this is it.

  • Large gazebo
  • Strong
  • Sturdy
  • Good Quality
  • Durable
  • Not cheap, but for good reasons
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There are lots of great features to this gazebo that makes it a real multi-purpose gazebo.

100% Waterproof


The grade of the waterproofing of the canopy and sides is of the same resistance.  This high level of waterproofing really helps to prevent your guests and event from getting wet and being a washout.

The grading of this waterproof gazebo is a durable, heavy duty 260g / sqm PVC coating.  This high level of resistance is by far one of the highest I have reviewed in my years of reviewing pop up gazebos.

See this All Seasons Gazebo resisting a very heavy downpour with no problems at all.

Heavy Duty

Reinforced steel concertina framed gazebo

The gazebos made by the manufacturer ‘All Seasons Gazebos’ are renowned as being;

  • Strong & stable
  • Able to last a number of years
  • Keep you dry
  • Very sturdy when all attachments used

I’m not really keen on using this quote for explaining the good points of this gazebo.

However, for me the All Seasons 6x3m gazebo really is ‘The Real Deal’ when it comes to larger sized gazebos

Why have I come to that opinion?

Simply put.  This 6x3m gazebo actually does what the manufacturer claims it’s capable of.

This is quite a rare thing when it comes to manufacturers describing their product or products.

They all want the same thing that ‘sale’ and quite often the limitations of a gazebo are not always provided due to the aforementioned reason.

Anyway, let’s move on…..

Leg Weights

The leg weights are the final piece in the ‘heavy duty’ aspect to this gazebo.  You’ve got everything you need to provide a secure, waterproof enclosure and these leg weights ensure the stability of it.

You will receive 6 weight bags that are waiting to be filled with any of the following;

  1. Pop bottles – Use a 2 litre pop bottle and fill with water to add weight
  2. Sand
  3. Stones

or finally, add some soil/dirt.

In total when all weight bags are filled they offer up to 15kgs of weight per bag to ensure your gazebo doesn’t budge an inch.


Simple To Build

Fully built 6x3m with sides on

You may have seen a few pictures of this large gazebo on this page.

Below, I’ll explain in pictures and a quick video to help you fully understand just how easy it is to build.

Right here goes.

How To Build the All Seasons 6x3m Gazebo

  • Remove all contents from the delivered package

It’s much easier if you spread all your items in a designated area which makes selecting them in the right order much easier.

  • Grab ideally a few people to help you and remove the steel concertina frame and place it where you want it erect your gazebo.

Carefully, with a selected person situated in each of the  4 corners, gradually walk backwards whilst stretching out the gazebo.  Once fully out, leaving standing for next step.

  • Attach the roof canopy.

All you have to do is place the canopy on the roof and fasten securely.

  • Adjust to the height required

There are 3 different height settings and the minimum height clearance when set at the highest setting is 7ft.

For further instructions just view this video below.  It isn’t of the same size but the principals remain the same.



I hope this review has helped you decide to buy.  I certainly do recommend this All Seasons gazebo if you’re looking to host your own large party.  Buy below.


All Seasons Gazebos, Choice of Colours 3x6m (10ft x 20ft), Heavy Duty, Fully Waterproof, PVC Coated, Premium Pop Up Gazebo with 4 x 100% waterproof zip up Side Panels (Same quality as the roof) Comes with Carry Bag with Wheels and 4 x Upgraded leg weight bags (White)


All Seasons Gazebo 6x3m