All Seasons Gazebo 3×3 [Canopy Only Gazebo]

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This All Seasons Gazebo 3×3 is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a Pop up gazebo without sides.

Especially as it’s also very strong, waterproof and from a reliable brand.

Decent gazebos are more expensive but you’d expect that for a good one, wouldn’t you?

Do any of these features listed below sound like something you need?

What's Important To You?

  • Strong Canopy
  • Ideal for Garden use
  • Good Value
  • 100% Waterproof Canopy
  • Good Quality
  • Storage bag Included

All Seasons Gazebo 3×3

This 3x3m gazebo is simple to build because there is only the frame and the canopy to attach and construct.

However, I do recommend you have additional help and personally, I would recommend at least 2 people to build it.

Sides not included

Sides not included


You may wonder why a popup gazebo should require 2 people to build, this is not due to the difficulty to erect it, it’s merely down to the pop-up design.

Concertina gazebos are purposely designed for ease of build.

Typically though, as with all concertina frames, the corners need to be lifted in unison so as not to break, therefore it’s not advisable for 1 person to attempt this.

Here’s a rundown of what you will get when you order this product from Amazon.

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What’s included?

This is what will arrive at your door

Your delivered items will include;

  1. Fully waterproof canopy (260g sqm)
  2. Concertina steel frame
  3. Carry bag with wheels
  4. Tent pegs x8
  5. Guide ropes x4
  6. Leg weight bags x4
  7. Warranty
  8. Care guide
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There are lots to like about the All seasons 3x3m gazebo.

It has quite a few features that the general public require in order to have a strong gazebo that they can rely on such as;

  • Waterproof – To keep the Party dry
  • Strong – Able to resist harsh weather and remain intact
  • Guide ropes & Tent pegs – The ability to secure your gazebo to the ground

Here’s a little more about the main features.


Having a waterproof gazebo is important for a variety of reasons.

The main reason being that your party doesn’t come to an end if it rains and what makes this canopy waterproof is the higher grade of waterproofing.

The waterproofing grade of the All seasons 3x3m gazebo is 260g.

Please Note

What you will find when looking at pop up gazebos on Amazon is that the majority of waterproof gazebos are described as waterproof.

However, they may well be waterproof but you’ll find that they are only around 190g which is of a lower grade and will keep you dry to a certain level but may not protect you against really heavy downpours.

The All Seasons 3x3m gazebo will keep you dry…

Last update was on: April 23, 2018 3:27 pm


The frame

This concertina style frame has lots of additional areas where it offers more strength than most other gazebos.

First of all, the strength starts in the roof with a cross truss design to further reinforce the canopy.

In total it has 24 built-in roof struts that make a huge difference in adding much more strength to the roof.

This feature means that you do not need wind bars.  Wind bars are normally provided where there is clearly a weakness.

This pop up gazebo does not have any roof weaknesses and therefore doesn’t require wind bars.

The legs

The outer legs have a total diameter of 30mm x 30mm which is pretty large for a pop up gazebo.

The legs are matte black, rust resistant and powder coated.

The matte black let the rainwater run off the frame and also when the frame is handled it doesn’t leave fingerprints which are aesthetically pleasing.  It also adds a lot more strength.

The rust resistance also helps your gazebo stand the test of time which in the long run will save you money by not having to purchase another gazebo anytime soon.

Guide ropes & Tent Pegs

Do not underestimate the importance of having guide ropes and tent pegs.  Countless gazebos are damaged every year by sudden gusts of wind.

Gazebo blown away

Don’t forget this is the U.K,  so why would we trust the weather when year in year out we constantly moan about the unpredictability of it.

3 tips for securing your gazebo

Below we have 3 quite simple tips to help ensure your gazebo is not blown away.

  1. Always use all parts provided.  Especially, the tent pegs and guy ropes.  If you cannot use the guy ropes with the tent pegs then try and tie the guy ropes around a secure object instead.
  2. Try and find a more secluded spot to pitch your gazebo.  Whilst this is a very strong gazebo I will always advise you to try and limit the exposure the gazebo receives from the wind.
  3. The gazebo comes with leg weight sandbags.  You can fill gazebo weights these with any heavy material including sand, stones or soil.  Its recommended that when adding your material to put it in a carrier bag just so things are a little cleaner and tidier.
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In a Nutshell


If you’re looking for a very sturdy pop up gazebo without the extra cost of it having sides then this item from All Seasons should be right up your street.

If this 3×3 canopy less gazebo seems a tad expensive then you can be assured that all the costs the manufacturer incurred were put into ensuring the frame and canopy are very strong, sturdy and waterproof.

This product is recommended!

Don’t get me wrong, I generally prefer a gazebo with sides as I believe you have more flexibility should the weather deteriorate whilst also being able to add more privacy to more private events.  I certainly wouldn’t put you off this gazebo

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