Airwave Gazebo 6x3m

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You’re here to buy the Airwave 6x3m Gazebo or you’re scouring the net for the best 6x3m gazebo available, correct?

Then I can help you…

This 6x3m Airwave gazebo really does offer a much bigger alternative should you require to shelter a large area to keep your guests dry.

What's Important to you?

  • Ideal to keep you dry
  • Can be used for wide range of purposes
  • Use with or without sides
  • Ideal for a hot tub enclosure
  • Very smart looking
  • Lots more colours available

Check out the Airwave 6x3m Gazebo review below.

Airwave Gazebo 6x3m


The 6x3m Gazebo by Airwave can offer protection from wet weather and keep a large area nice and dry for you and your guests.

Alternatively, in the summer months, it can be used just as effectively without the sides attached.


Unfortunately, this 6x3m gazebo is not as robust in the wind as some others that can be bought but that said, the alternatives are normally much more expensive.

Therefore, if you are planning on using this gazebo in the summer months when there may be some rain but not much chance of any  wind, then you’ll be fine.

Don’t forget…  Allow an extra metre of space around the perimeter of your gazebo to allow for the guy ropes to be staked into the ground for extra strength and stability.


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What you’ll receive

This is what will arrive at your door


Your Parcel Contents will include:

  • Steel Concertina Frame
  • Waterproof Canopy (190g)
  • 6 Side Panels (4 Window Panels & 2 Zip Doors)
  • Guy Ropes & Tent Pegs
  • Carry Bag
  • Full Set of Instructions

Everything you need to have a full working gazebo is included in the package that arrives at your door.

Please note:  People that buy pop up gazebos also buy lights, fans and furniture for it too, so don’t just consider that whilst placing your order on Amazon.

You don’t want to forget something important!


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Pro’s & Cons

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of great points about this gazebo but as with most things in life, it isn’t perfect…

See them below.

  • 100% Waterproof Gazebo
  • Versatile (Sides easily removed)
  • Pretty straightforward to build
  • Comes with own carry bag
  • 7 Colours to choose from
  • Ideal for a range of outdoor activities
  • Multi-surface gazebo
  • Can be screwed into ground
  • Do not use if breezy
  • Do not leave up overnight

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Positives Explained

The Strength

This Airwave 6x3m Gazebo is a nice little product at a very fair price.

Understandably it has its flaws but used in nice weather as a canopy to act as an enclosure then its fine…

However, it won’t protect you against much more than light rain and wind, so caution must be advised before buying.

If you need a very resilient gazebo that is extra strong and waterproof then buy this one or read the review of it here

To get full effectiveness from this product please ensure you always use all parts provided.


Setting It Up

When setting up this gazebo it is extremely important to have assistance.

I have seen some reviews of this product where owners claim to have built this single-handedly, Not A Chance!

Attempting to build this gazebo by yourself is an accident waiting to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, this product isn’t difficult to build.

However, as it is a concertina style gazebo, all 4 corners need to ideally be stretched out at the same time.

How can you do that by yourself, you can’t!

Incandescent Weather

Should the weather deteriorate you should always air on the side of caution.

Pop up gazebos, regardless of whether the manufacturers claim to them be indestructible or not should not be used in atrocious weather conditions.

Keeping Dry

To ensure your event is kept dry it is important all the sides are attached to the frame with the velcro straps.

Incorrect, or a poorly attached waterproof side will leak unless properly attached.

Windier Conditions

When pitching your gazebo it is always important to point your gazebo diagonally towards the direction of the wind.

tips on strengthening gazebo in wind

This prevents the wind penetrating the entire side and breaking the legs and frame.

It also encourages the wind to pass either side of the edge of the gazebo naturally creating an ergonomic element to it.

The above method applies to correctly positioning all types of gazebos in windy weather, it doesn’t mean, however, that it won’t break…

It just means its less likely to break, or at least it will last longer…

Important:  Pop up gazebos are most effective and enjoyable in nice weather conditions.

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In a Nutshell


I’ve done as much research as possible and calling on all my experience with these types of structures I would recommend the 6x3m Gazebo from Airwave.

However, I also recommend that it is not used in wet n breezy conditions if you want to get the greatest longevity out of it.

As with any product, there are positives and negatives but as long as you follow my information, learn from the Amazon reviews and follow the user instructions then you’ll be absolutely fine with this product.


Airwave 6 x 3m Gazebo - Various Colours

£175.21 £224.99

Airwave Gazebo 6x3m


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