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You’ve finally found it, the Airwave gazebo 3x3m….

In just 5 minutes you’ll know everything you need to know about this popular gazebo. The good points and also the areas that need improvement, but let’s get cracking anyway.

The Airwave Gazebo 3x3m

Fully built Airwave gazebo measuring 3x3m in red colour

Airwave gazebo 3×3 metres

This could be one of the best purchases you could make if you’re looking for a waterproof covering or shelter.

For  more detailed review check out this dedicated windproof gazebo site where they better highlight all the great features of this Airwave gazebo 3×3

It really is ideal to protect your guests at a forthcoming event come rain or shine, and in the spring to the early autumn months.

Don’t get me wrong, for the price you’re not getting a gazebo that will last a lifetime or even indestructible.

Check out below exactly what’s so good about this product and also where there’s room for improvement.



What’s in the box?

full list of items included in your purchase

  • Waterproof Canopy with Anti puddling eyelets
  • Steel concertina Pop out frame
  • 4 Side walls (2 zip walls/doors & 2 windows sides)
  • Easy to adjust Guy ropes
  • Set of 4 leg weight bags
  • 2 Wind bars for stability
  • Your choice of colour
  • Carry bag with handles

Everything that’s listed above is included in the package and is enough to ensure that your event is covered and kept dry.

Nothing more is needed to be bought…


Airwave gazebo with sides taken off

The 3x3m Airwave gazebo is suitable for most garden and outdoor events that need cover.

You will also receive additional items to strengthen your gazebo such as the leg weight bags, guy ropes & tent pegs and also the 2 wind bars.

These really do make a large difference and add much more strength when attached.

The weight bags help to anchor your gazebo to prevent shifting.

The guy ropes and pegs prevent it from blowing away, whilst the wind bars strengthen the frame and ensure that the gazebo doesn’t collapse.

You have also been supplied 2 wind bars to add extra support to the frame.  Please ensure that these 2 wind bars are always uses, regardless of the weather.


As described in the ‘What’s in the box?’ section you will be receiving a full set of sides for your gazebo.

Gazebo with the sides taken off

With sides removed

The sides do not have to be used at all.  However, what you will find is that as the night approaches sometimes you’ll find the temperature dropping

However, you will find that as the night approaches you’ll find the temperature dropping, therefore, feeling a little chilly, this is when the sides are then connected.

You can add as many sides or as few as you wish to.  Two of the sides can act as doors and can also be rolled back due to them both having full-length zippers, which is very convenient.

The other 2 sides have windows which provide light but also let you have a nosey outside to check on the kids or the weather.

Choice of Colours

For some people the colour is everything.  Although some people may want a stand out gazebo, other may want a camouflage type gazebo (green) to help blend into the background.

Whatever you event, I’m sure that this range of colours will have your event literally, covered…..

Check them out below

Choice of 8 coloursof the Airwave gazebo 3x3m

Click on your preferred colour choice

My Score

8 Total Score

A popular 3x3m gazebo on Amazon. Be careful if windy but otherwise it's ideal to cover a spacious area and comes in a wide range of colours. Recommended

  • Very spacious
  • Waterproof
  • Pegs & Ropes for strength
  • Wide range of uses
  • Can use with sides or without
  • Caution in windy conditions
  • Handle corner protectors with care
  • Needs 2 to build
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Ideal uses for this 3x3m Gazebo

Firstly, there are lots of uses for the 3x3m gazebo from Airwave and there’s a good chance I won’t have covered every single uses, here a few below.

Ideal Uses:
  • BBQ’s & Party’s
  • Market stalls/Car boot sales
  • Fundraising & Charity events
  • Food stall
  • Wedding fayres
  • Showcase products
  • Changing rooms
  • Dry work area
  • Fun activities

Think Twice:

  • If you planning on cooking inside it
  • If it’s windy for your event

Buy Now On Amazon

I’ve mentioned a few pros and cons and also possible uses.  It’s now up to you to make your mind up, please consider that this product does sell out at peak season.

Please Note:  Have you considered whether you’ve bought everything you need?

The good thing about Amazon is that you can buy virtually anything from the platform, therefore if you do need some additional items now’s the time to get them.

Oh, another good thing about Amazon is that wherever possible they try and group your purchases together wherever possible to try and reduce the shipping costs.

Airwave 3x3mtr Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo in Beige with 2 WindBars and 4 Leg Weight Bags


Airwave Gazebo 3x3m