Best seller Airwave Gazebo 2.5×2.5

Airwave Gazebo 2.5×2.5


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Airwave Gazebo 2.5 x 2.5

This Airwave 2.5 x 2.5 pop up gazebo is a very popular choice on Amazon and there are many reasons why.

Airwave 2.5m Gazebo

Airwave 2.5m Gazebo with sides

As it measures 2.5 metres it offers a whole range of extra possibilities where you can pitch it.

Whether it’s at home in your garden, patio or maybe you’ll take it camping or to a festival, it’s completely up to you.

With 4 sides it offers much more protection against poor weather.

You can use the sides as you wish.

Whether it’s using 1 side, 2 sides or using all 4 and if the weather gets too bad then you can put the door down and use it as a fully enclosed gazebo.

This gazebo is a complete package.

Once you’ve bought this gazebo and received it you’re ready to go…..


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Colours Available

This gazebo is available in 8 different colours. You can choose from;

  1. Blue
  2. Green
  3. Cream
  4. Beige
  5. Red
  6. Black

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What’s In The Package

  1. Waterproof Canopy
  2. Steel Concertina Frame
  3. Four Side Walls (2 Windows & 2 Walls)
  4. 2 Roof Wind Bars
  5. 4 Leg Weight Bags
  6. Guy Ropes & Tent Pegs
  7. Instruction Manual







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Key Features

Waterproof Canopy

The Airwave canopy is waterproof so therefore you’ve no worries about keeping your guests dry. What makes it waterproof is the 190g PU coated soft touch polyester fabric together with the taped seams ensures no leaks.

Steel Concertina Frame

Not surprisingly, the concertina frame ensures that this gazebo is just popped up and set up within a couple of minutes.  As the name of the frame implies it’s just a matter of carefully opening the gazebo by stretching it out and then pushing it together when finished with.

4 Side Walls

As visible in the top image, this Airwave gazebo has 4 sides.  It has 2 windows and 2 walls that also act as doors.

You can use these sides in any way you wish as they are attached to the frame with Velcro.

2 Wind Bars

The wind bars offer more strength to the roof and frame.  All they are are 2 connecting poles that are fitted together and then clipped to the top part of the frame.  It sole purpose is to offer further strength to the frame

 Particularly ideal in harsher weather

Leg Weights

Basically, the leg weights are there to ensure you gazebo stays in its original place.  They can offer additional strength to the legs and also protect the frame uprights by preventing them from bowing under stronger winds.

Guy Ropes & Tent Pegs

These are self-explanatory.  They are there to add additional strength and help it withstand the typical british weather.  I personally recommend using both of these whatever the weather, be it sunny and calm or wet and windy.

Instruction Manual

Please ensure you read it as many of these gazebos have been damaged because owners know best 🙂

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Pros & Cons

  • Everything you need is in the box
  • Looks great when built
  • Ideal for a whole range of uses
  • Lots of colours to choose from
  • Sensibly priced
  • Not designed for gale force conditions
  • Not as easy to dismantle as it is to build
  • Easy to build but needs 2 people


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Airwave 2.5 x 2.5 m Pop-Up Garden Gazebo with 2 Wind-Bars and 4 Leg Weight Bags - Grey


Airwave Gazebo 2.5×2.5


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The Airwave 2.5 x 2.5 ticks many boxes.  If you’re looking for a relatively cheap gazebo for your back garden, that can be taken away on holiday and handle unsettled weather then this is it.

It is a cheap gazebo in price but not cheap in quality.  When it first came out a few years ago it initially looked like there was a fault.

This is not official but it looks as if the makers of this size of the Airwave gazebo had tried their best to reduce the cost for their customers and looked for a particular area of the gazebo to do this.

Unfortunately, it looks like the area was the frame as I noticed a few early launch complaints about the frame not being too strong.  However, since then it looks like that is why the wind bars have been provided as now the complaints seem to have reduced massively.

That said. This gazebo is recommended!

This gazebo is in my all time top 10

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A well-rounded pop-up gazebo that represents great value for money. Recommended!

  • Easy To Build
  • Sensibly Priced
  • Waterproof
  • Relatively Strong
  • Carry Bag Included
  • Awkward To Build In Wind
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Q. What colour is the frame?

A. The frame of this gazebo is grey, however, the additional wind bars are actually black.

Q. Do you need to use the guy ropes?

A. I would always recommend using the guy ropes as you’ll only kick yourself if your gazebo gets damaged.  Even if you decide to use your leg weights i would always recommend using the guy ropes and vice versa.

Q. Can I screw this onto decking

A. This gazebo can be screwed into decking.  It has screw holes in the feet but i wouldn’t recommend leaving up overnight and especially through the winter.  If you find you have no choice but to leave your gazebo up overnight or through the winter then please remove the canopy and sides.

Even then though, it’s not guaranteed to see the winter through

Q. What can I use this gazebo for?

A.  With it being possible to screw it down it can be used on patios, decking, tarmac (use leg weight bags) and obviously grass. Please use as many of the parts that have been supplied by ECS Ltd as there is a reason they have provided them. (Guy ropes, weight bags, wind bars, etc)

If you have any further questions then please leave them below and i shall answer as quickly as possible

Airwave 2.5 x 2.5 m Pop-Up Garden Gazebo with 2 Wind-Bars and 4 Leg Weight Bags - Grey


Airwave Gazebo 2.5×2.5